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23 January 2011 @ 04:30 am
title: he doesn't mind
author: nighttimefalls
pairing: jinki/kibum (onkey)
rating: pg-13
genre: fluff, romance
summary: kibum wonders why jinki doesn't say i love you to him. jinki doesn't say why, and kibum doesn't ask. but then again, he doesn't really mind. (severe lapslock ahead)

it’s one of those fair afternoons where kibum sits on jinki’s lap as they settle themselves on a slump hill, admiring the wonderful sight of seemingly rainbow colored sea of flowers ahead of them.

kibum looks at his lover for exactly three years. the latter’s head pointing upward, expression as calm as the blue sky above them, and kibum just can’t help but stare at the man in front of him.

he admits inside him that he loves jinki. kibum loves everything about the man. the way his eyes turn into crescent twins everytime he smiles (unbelievably bright, at all times), the way he trips on anything every once in a while (kibum thinks that maybe air acts as a solid phase of matter to jinki), the way he normally calls him by his name and his name alone (just because it feels entirely different from the way everyone does), no cheesy pet name attached. at the bottom of it all, kibum just loves him.

but there’s this one thing. one thing that may sound awkward and weird to other people. in the whole duration of their three-year relationship, jinki never said i love you to kibum. not even once. jinki doesn’t say why, and kibum doesn’t ask.

kibum is not the type of person who loves to hear sweet and endearing words every second of his life. it’s not that he doesn’t like it, not that he doesn’t want it. somehow, he just can’t help but wonder why jinki doesn’t say it (not that he minds it seriously though). everytime kibum mumbles those three words to him, often times he’d just smile (so) sweetly in return; sometimes he’ll say. i know kibum. i know. despite that fact, kibum is certain though, certain that jinki loves him; just because he feels it. he feels it so well. he is loved dearly by jinki, and well, he loves him too – dearly, as well.

kibum doesn’t really mind though. but maybe, just maybe, in the back of his mind and in the deepest part of his heart, he wants (craves) to hear those three words directly from jinki.

jinki looks back at kibum, smiling so dearly (just because jinki concludes that kibum is way more beautiful than the blue sky), kibum nearly lost his balance (nearly, thanks to jinki’s swift arm, supporting his slim waist). jinki widens his smile and kibum swears mentally in his mind, thinking how a simple smile could have such humongous effect on him.

with jinki’s arm still around kibum’s waist, the former draws kibum closer to his body. his other hand wanders up to kibum’s cheek, caressing it gently. a couple of more seconds of staring and utter silence, jinki opens his mouth and says, happy third anniversary, kibum.

kibum smiles back upon hearing the greeting. but just before he could greet back, he feels jinki’s breath getting closer to his face, (involuntarily) making him close his eyes, a second or two passed and he feels jinki’s plump lips against his. the kiss is warm and sweet and it’s so much like jinki, kibum thinks.

yet again, before kibum could savor the kiss, jinki draws back from him, staying still approximately three inches away from his face. jinki looks straight at kibum’s feline eyes before murmuring softly to kibum’s ear -- i love you.

kibum mentally smacks himself. he just know that his face scream shock and confusion at that very moment. but really, he could care less. did i hear him right? did i just hear him say i love you to me?, he asks himself for god knows how many times in just a few seconds. his mind tells him that he could have himself placed on the guinness world book of records for that matter. just then, he curses his conscience mentally, telling his inner self to shut up.

jinki chuckles at kibum’s astonishment. as if jinki could read kibum’s mind, his lips meet kibum’s once more and repeats his words a few moment ago, you heard me right. i love you. i love you, kibum.

kibum, on the other hand, feels like he’s floating; like a teenager that has been confessed to by his long time crush. he hears jinki chuckling softly once more, and for the first time in the almighty kim kibum’s life, he finds himself dumbfounded and he doesn’t know what to say.

after what it seemed like forever, kibum feels his tears beaming on the corner of his eyes but before the warm fluid could run its way down his cheeks, he feels a twin droplet of water on his nose, seemingly from up above. he looks at jinki and the latter still has that gorgeous smile plastered on his face. the droplets of water then becomes rainfall. it’s a heavy one kibum barely sees jinki even if the latter is just inches away from him. the sound of the dropping rain is loud, thus making jinki increase the volume of his voice saying (yet again), happy third anniversary, kibum. i love you so much.

the words almost reverberates to kibum’s whole being. the tears he has been holding had long been rolling down his cheeks along with the rain. he smiles slowly and as if it’s the cue (to the heavy rain) for him to see jinki and his smiling face clearly.

i just said i love you, kibum. well, what do you say?, jinki asks cheekily with the same high volume he has with his voice. luckily for him, he could also see kibum clearly now and he looks at kibum intently as the latter mouths four words he wants to hear that moment.

still in his stunned state, kibum manages to say, i love you too, in a low voice before realizing that jinki could not hear him well (or could not hear him at all) because of the rain’s noise. he sees jinki smirking before hearing him shout, what? i can’t hear you!

just then, the rain washes kibum’s confusion and astonishment altogether. his face brightens and smiles before yelling back at him, i love you too, lee jinki!

to jinki, kibum’s response works as magic words. upon hearing it, he draws himself closer to the younger man (once again) and claims his lips like he never did for the past three years under the hard pouring rain.

it’s one of those afternoons, jinki and kibum settling themselves on top of the hill, but today’s different. heaven is crying (kibum thinks that it’s tears of joy and that it’s the way of the heavens to tell him that the angels are happy for him) and kibum repeatedly hears from jinki the words kibum now admits he wanted to hear ever since he felt his heart skip a beat whenever he’s with jinki.

and jinki, on the other hand, mumbles i love you to kibum (only god knows how many times) in between kisses, and kibum agrees with his mind and heart that jinki could (undoubtedly) secure a spot in the guinness world book of records, being the man who could make another person feel so warm under the cold pouring rain, make another person’s heart like it’s going to burst at any moment (with just a smile), say several ‘i love you’s in seconds while kissing, and a lot more things only kibum could tell.

but then again, maybe jinki’s skills just apply to a single person – just kibum, and kibum alone.


a/n: oh god, this is too much lapslock my head hurts (but hey, this is actually fun!). okay so, at two am today, i did everything for me to fall asleep. tossed myself on every part of the bed, watched all the videos in my player, laughed hard and even cried over non-sense things. pretty stupid but i did all of those just to fall asleep. yet, everything failed. when the clock hit past three in the morning, i decided to type down some drabbles on my phone (since the poor me doesn't have a freaking laptop). and viola! after a couple of minutes, the drabble became the work above. and two minutes passed after completing this, i fell asleep.

thank you onkey for making me sleep. comments are loved people! this is my very first time writing onkey and i don't know what has gotten into me. please do tell me if it sucks ass or whatever.