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23 January 2011 @ 04:24 am
Title: Of losing, gaining and keeping [1/?]
Author: nighttimefalls
Pairing/Focus: Choi Minho/Lee Taemin (2Min)
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. I own nothing but the plot.
Summary: Minho seriously hates to lose, but somehow this time, he doesn’t mind losing at all.
Author's note: Okay, first of all, this is un-beta-ed. Please do pardon the errors. This is my first time writing 2Min and I'd gladly appreciate if you guys would read this! :) Happy holidays everyone! /gives cookies

Slightly bending over the table, Minho held the mechanical pencil with a sigh, as he carefully traced the fine lines embedded on the thin tracing paper. With that being his sixth attempt of having a decent plate on that particular day, he couldn’t let himself make another mistake. Everything went well until a voice clouded his work room, making him lose his concentration, hence, ruining his sixth fucking plate. He shut his eyes tightly as he dropped the mechanical pencil slowly on the table, holding back his annoyance. Being an architecture student surely needed a bunch of patience.

“Hey,” Minho heard a familiar voice calling out to him again, seeing that he hadn’t stir with the first call. Opening his shut eyes slowly before turning around, he was a hundred and two percent that owner of that voice was none other than Kibum, his diva of a best friend for as long as he can remember. Well of course, who else could it be? It’s not like there’s a lot of people who had enough guts to call him just by ‘hey.’ Not even Jinki, also one of his few friends, could do that.

Minho’s family moved in that town when he turned five. His father was a prominent soccer coach while his mother worked as a PR officer in a huge public relations firm. He had pretty much everything to him, money, excellent academic grades plus, he has exceptional skills when it comes to sports, and people admire him for that. Yet, people were just, too afraid to approach him somehow; which excludes Kibum to those people. And he was grateful for that. Even though they had the exact opposite personalities, strangely, they get along really well (this includes squabbling and exchanges of death glares from time to time).

He spun around to see Kibum with an annoyed look plastered face saying, “It’s enough for you to turn around for one call, why wait for the second?” Sometimes, Minho thinks that maybe, just maybe, Kibum was his mother. Like, seriously.

Minho shut his eyes, yet again; bringing his fingers up to massage his aching temples. “What now, Kibum? Can’t you see I’m busy here?”

Kibum rolled his eyes, ignoring his question with a like-I-care look on his flawless face. “Anyway, the reason why I am here is that I just wanted to introduce Jinki’s cute little cousin to you. You see, the kid’s new here and he needs friends to take care for him, just like what Jinki had said,” Kibum flashed his diva grin before continuing, “Though I honestly think that having me as his friend would be more than enough, just because I’m awesome like that.”

“Oh come on, Kibum, this is due tomorrow,” Minho pointed to his fucked up plate lying on the table. Mr. Park, his professor, would definitely not be pleased if he won’t be able to pass his plate tomorrow. It’s not that pleasing his professor was his goal. Failing to pass his plate isn’t failing himself to anybody, but failing to his own self. He’s not going to lose to Mr. Park’s deadline. He’s not going to lose to his fucking plate. He’s not going to lose to anybody. And most importantly, he’s never going to lose to himself. Fucking never.

“I need to finish this plate today.” He said, emphasizing every word with a hint of irritation in his voice.

“Now, now, Choi Minho! Don’t be so rude, we have a visitor here!”Just then, he saw a hand gripping Kibum’s left arm from behind.

A soft voice said in some sort of a whisper, “It’s fine, hyung. Maybe we could come back another day.” Strangely, everything he said was heard clearly by Minho. The young man shyly looked up at him in a distance.

Minho was stunned at the sight. A young man stood behind his best friend. He had this auburn hair that complements perfectly on his fair skin. Beautiful, was the only word that registered inside Minho’s head.

“No, Taeminnie. We’re going to get that ass of his here and let him have some fun with us, okay?” Kibum firmly said to the boy he called ‘Taeminnie.’ The young man shifted his eyes to the floor, embarrassed.

Kibum looked at Minho, “Follow us.” He dragged the young man’s wrist and guided him outside Minho’s work room. Three seconds later, Kibum shoved his pretty head inside the room saying, “You will come with us right now Choi Minho, or else, I swear I’m going to burn your beloved plates.” With that, he disappeared once again, leaving Minho, still pinned on the floor of his work room.

Minho did not really understand much what Kibum had blabbered about. His lips slowly formed a curve as all he had in mind was the beautiful being who was inside his room moments ago. His smile grew wider as he slowly made his way out of his room, leaving his unfinished business on the table. Really Kibum, who said I wouldn’t come?


“Hyung, let’s play next time, shall we?” Taemin gripped Kibum’s arm once again and flashed the latter a worried and awkward smile.

Kibum raised his eyebrow at him and said, “What are you saying? The weather’s great, just perfect for laying soccer. Besides, we have classes tomorrow. Today’s just plain perfect for this. And I haven’t introduced you properly to Minho.”

Upon the mention of the name, Taemin immediately lowered his head. Noticing this, Kibum let out a giggle and held both of the younger boy’s cheek and pinched them. “Are you afraid of Minho?” Taemin could clearly see the amusement in his hyung’s eyes. He pouted a little and Kibum finally let out a heartily laugh. “Oh come on Taeminnie, that idiot’s not going to bite you.”

Before Taemin could protest, someone spoke behind the two of them. “Who are you calling idiot, Kibummie?” Minho sarcastically asked his best friend.

“Oh hey, Minho! There you are!” Kibum literally jumped at him, placing his arm on his shoulder and continued innocently, “We’ve been waiting for you.”

Minho released himself from Kibum, giving him a deathly glare. “Oh, really? Well here am I, your idiot friend.”

Kibum contained his laughter and brought his hands to Minho’s cheek, just like what he had previously done to Taemin before. “Aigoo, I can’t believe the high and mighty slash captain of the soccer team Choi Minho is throwing a tantrum right now!” Kibum faced Taemin’s direction and continued, “You’re pretty lucky to witness such rare event, Taeminnie!”

“Yah!” Minho shouted at his best friend. He practically stopped himself from palming his face. “Enough now, Kibum. I don’t have the whole day to play games with you.” Once again, upon hearing this, Taemin lowered his head. Kibum immediately nudged Minho with his elbow silently, mouthing him words such as ‘be-careful-with-your-words-you-dumbass,’ while eyeing him intensely. Minho replied, mouthing as well that goes along with the words ‘what-did-I-say-wrong,’ innocently.

After a couple of seconds, Kibum cleared his throat and stood back beside Taemin. “Anyway, before I forget,” Finally, Kibum thought of formally introducing the boy beside him to his best friend (which was actually the main reason why Kibum was literally barging into Minho’s peaceful slash stressful Sunday) “This is Lee Taemin, Jinki hyung’s cousin.”

Taemin shyly bowed slightly to the tall boy a few feet in front of him. For some reasons, he really wanted to be friends with this man his Kibum hyung was calling by the name of Choi Minho. “Taeminnie, this man here,” Kibum gestured his hand towards Minho, “is my very own best friend, Choi Minho. Call him hyung; he’s the same age as me. He’s looks cold most of the times but the truth is, he’s really fun and stupid.” Kibum grinned and got a ‘shut up!’ from Minho. Taemin tried his best to hide a small smile creeping up his lips.

Minho moved closer to Taemin and held out his hand, “Don’t listen to that guy. He’s no good,” Kibum shot his best friend a glare that could scare the shit out of Jinki, oh well, no use giving that glare to Minho, simply because Minho is, well, Minho. He gave the boy a small smile before continuing, “I’m Choi Minho.”

Taemin raised his head and looked at Minho’s face completely. His hazel eyes glistened as he examined Minho’s face for a few seconds or so; seeing Minho smile at him, he then responded to him, flashing a bright, sweet and genuine smile.“Again, my name is Lee Taemin. I’m Jinki-hyung’s cousin. It’s nice meeting you, Minho hyung!” He eventually reached for Minho’s hand.

Minho stood on his place with his mouth half-open, a single arm still stretched meeting Taemin’s. The smaller boy who was in front of him, he had his auburn hair, glistening from the rays of sunshine. His hazel eyes turning into crescent shaped twins as he smiled sweetly at him.

Yes, this boy named Lee Taemin and his smile completely blew everything he had in mind. For a moment there, he actually thought that he could live like this forever, just holding Taemin’s hand and looking at Taemin smile at him would be enough. How stupid, really. But bullshit, Minho thought. He never felt like this before. He felt like his mind had gone blank all of a sudden, just because of a smile. A fucking smile from a person he just met not more than thirty minutes. Long story cut short, he was stunned.

Kibum, completely ignored just a foot away from the boys, clapped his hand once to get the boys’ attention, breaking Minho and Taemin’s handshake moment and said, “Okay boys! Now that we’re done with the introduction, why don’t we play soccer for a while and get to know each other more?”

Upon hearing the word soccer, Minho noticed that Taemin’s eyes lit up again but immediately vanished. Taemin looked at Kibum and said with an embarrassed and somewhat, guilty tone, “Kibum hyung, I think Minho hyung has a lot to do right now.” He then turned to Minho and gave him a smile filled with hope, “Hyung, maybe we could play together next time?”

Minho gulped as he looked at the boy in front of him. His eyes full of hope mixed with a bit of disappointment, yet, still pretty. Oh God, help me, Minho silently prayed. Just how could he say no to this angel in front of him? Fuck Mr. Park’s deadline. Fuck his plate. Fuck his life. He shook his head slowly and he saw Taemin’s shoulder going down in disappointment. “I – I don’t have a lot of things to do.” Taemin widened his eyes at him and slowly, a smile was forming on his lips again.

“Playing for a couple of hours wouldn’t hurt, I guess.” Minho continued, making Taemin’s smile grew bigger and brighter.

“I’m going to get a ball!” Taemin announced and ran to the white metal basket on the other side of the green field.

Minho had his eyes on the boy’s back who was running enthusiastically away from him and his best friend. “Just, what have I said?” He asked Kibum, almost a whisper. Kibum, on the other hand, had a grin plastered on his face. He moved closer to Minho, patted his shoulder lightly and grinned at him, “You’re losing, baby.” Minho gave him a confused look and shrugged Kibum’s hand off his shoulder. “Quit calling me baby, you bastard.”

Kibum just laughed and settled himself on the green grass below them. His eyes landed on the boy driving a soccer ball to their direction. He has to witness this, Kibum had in mind. He’s going to witness everything. There’s not way in hell he’ll let this pass his eyes. He smiled to himself thinking how his best friend was starting to break and no doubt, unbelievably losing to this boy named Lee Taemin.

--- TBC ---

A/N: Well, as you can see, i've been starting to write kpop fics now. Just because i want too and my jpop muse has long been dead. okay wait. not really. i just don't feel like writing anything related to jpop right now, so sorry.