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14 December 2010 @ 04:14 am
Title: Of Changes and the Unchanged [1/2]
Author: nighttimefalls /gachapin18
Pairing: Kim Kibum (SHINee’s Key)/OC
Rating: G
Genre: angst, a tad romance
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I don’t own the ones mentioned above.
Note: This is an AU fic. And oh, this short fic would be divided into 2 parts.

Min Gi looked at the side of the bed she was laying. She was about to smile as she felt the warmth given by the futon but she wasn’t able to do so. He wasn’t there. She’s alone on the bed. She started to wonder where he is. Not long after, she felt a single tear slid down her beautiful face with the thought, ‘He regretted what happened.’


“Hey, are you sick?” Son Young asked Min Gi as she ran her hand on her back. She had been throwing up like this for a couple of days now.

“I – I don’t kno-“ she wasn’t able to finish talking as she threw up again.

“You should see a doctor already.” Son Young suggested wherein Min Gi just nodded slowly in response.


“You’re three weeks pregnant, Min Gi.” The OB-Gyne said calmly to her. She bit her lower lip. ‘I knew it.’ She thought. When she started throwing up usually every morning, she already suspected that she’s pregnant, but still she wanted to confirm it with a doctor.

“Min Gi-ah, you know about your condition, right? I think it’s better to-“ The doctor was cut by her saying, “I know. Please don’t tell this to my parents yet. I want to tell them myself.”

Dr. Choi was a good friend of her parents. She knows her since she was little. She came from a well-off family.

She went out the clinic with a heavy heart. ‘What will I do now?’ is what she asks herself repeatedly. She sat on the bench under the waiting shed. After thinking really hard on what to do first, she decided. She’ll talk to the other one responsible for her condition, the father of the child in her womb.

She pulled out her mobile phone and typed a message.

‘Hey, are you free today?’

Min Gi waited for a couple of minutes before she received a reply from him.

‘Yeah, why?’

‘Can we meet at…” she typed the place. ‘I have something important to tell you.’ She continued.

‘Ok, wait for me there.’ was the immediate response she got from him.


Kibum looked at the phone he was holding. Min Gi wanted to meet him. He sighed. Min Gi was the only daughter of the Song Corporation, which is a very good acquaintance of their own company and of their family too. He knew her since he was fifteen and Min Gi was nine then. He knew himself that Min Gi has a little crush on him, or so that’s what he thinks. He had always thought of her as an adorable little sister.

He changed his clothes and went to the said place where they’ll meet up.


Kibum opened the glass door of the café where Min Gi mentioned earlier. There were a few costumers inside in fact, he can count them by his fingers. He roamed his eyes round and looked for her. She was sitting by the window. Min Gi noticed his presence and smiled at him rather awkwardly.

He nodded at her and walked closer to where she is. He sat on the seat in front of her.

“Sorry, I’m late.”

Min Gi shook her head and said, “It’s okay. And you’re not late. I’m just a bit early.”

Kibum smiled a bit and looked at her, Min Gi did the same. It was the first time she saw him since that happened. Somehow she felt happy seeing him again.

“So, what’s the matter?” Kibum started.

“Kibum-ah… I – “

Kibum gave her a questioning look, telling her to continue.

“I’m pre – I’m pregnant.” She uttered in a very low and soft voice, almost a whisper.

Min Gi finally had the courage to look at him in the eyes. She tried her best to contain her tears, as she looked at him, puzzled, not knowing what to say. It took him seconds before he could react.

“A – are you sure?”

She nodded slowly. “I came to the doctor this morning.”

Kibum didn’t say anything for about a minute, so she blurted out, “Don’t worry. I’m not obliging you or anything. I just wanted to – tell you. I – oh – just forget it. Forget what I’ve said.” She wanted to smack herself right now. She doesn’t know what she’s saying anymore.

“I’m sorry for dragging you here.” Min Gi stood up and was about to leave when Kibum spoke up, “Wait.”

That single word halted her from going.

“I’ll take responsibility for it.” Kibum continued, making her eyes widen. She can’t believe what she’s hearing. She turned around and saw Kibum standing in front of her. The tears she was holding back made their way down her cheeks rapidly. Kibum moved closer to her and hugged her. She was surprised by the gesture but she hugged him back anyway. She would make the remaining time of her life memorable with this man, she promised to herself.


Telling Min Gi’s condition to Kibum’s parents wasn’t tough. They knew her and they would be much happier knowing that Min Gi and him were together.

Min Gi’s side was the same, except for some issues, issues that only she and her mother know. Since her parents knew Kibum too, there weren’t any objection after they told them about the two of them that night.

Later that night, Min Gi was in her room when she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

“Gi-ah?” A voice called from the outside. It was the voice of her mom.


Her mother opened the door and walked up to her. She was lying on her bed. Her mother sat on the bed beside her. Min Gi sat up on the bed and smiled to her.

In an instant, her mother engulfed her in a tight hug, very tight and warm, as if her mother won’t be able to hug her like that again.

“What’s wrong?” Min Gi asked.

After a while, her mom spoke, “Min Gi-ah, are you sure you want to do this?”

Min Gi understood what her mother was saying. “I am, umma”

Her mother looked at her and said, “But –“

“Umma, am I selfish?” Min Gi asked out of the blue.

Confused by what her daughter was asking, Song Hae Rin uttered while shaking her head. “No, you’ve never been selfish, and I love you so much for that.” Hae Rin cupped her daughter’s cheek.

“Then – “ she held her mother’s hand that was resting on her cheek before continuing, “can I be selfish for once?”

Realizing what her daughter meant, Hae Rin’s tears slid down her face as she wraps her arms again on her daughter.

“I don’t want to lose you dear.” Hae Rin mumbled with a cracked voice.

“I’m sorry umma.” Was the only thing Min Gi said. It was the only thing she could think of.


Not long after, Min Gi moved in to Kibum’s house. She’s happy that she’s with Kibum. She had always loved him. And now, having his child, she could’ve been happier. But lately, Kibum doesn’t seem to feel the same. She would prepare his things in the morning for Kibum’s work, cook him his breakfast. He would always utter a soft ‘thank you’ with a smile. But his smile isn’t the one he used to give her before. It wasn’t a genuine smile. That’s what saddens her.

But Min Gi was determined to make Kibum love her. She would do anything to see his true smile, again.


She was on her fifth month when lately, Kibum rarely goes home. She was preparing to have a quick shower when she suddenly felt dizzy and felt a pang on her stomach as well. Min Gi tried her best to shout their helper’s name. Their housemate quickly called for aid seeing her lying half-conscious on the floor. Their driver together with their helper took her to the hospital.

Her doctor informed her parents and Kibum about what happened. Her father was currently on a business trip so her mom went instead. She was already awake, lying on the hospital bed when Min Gi saw her mother entered the hospital room.

Song Hae Rin sat down beside the bed and held her daughter’s hand.

“Min Gi-ah” she squeezed Min Gi’s hand gently.

She gave him a faint smile, “Umma.”

“Are you feeling alright now?”

Min Gi nodded slowly. “Um. I’m fine now.”

After a while, Min Gi said, “I want to see my baby.”

“Hmm?” Hae Rin creased her forehead.

“Months ago, I was thinking a lot as if there’s nothing wrong with me, as if everything is perfectly fine.. I was thinking a lot about the baby. What would we name him, what would be his first word, what would he look like. I want to raise him together with Kibum and make him into a fine person. I want to see him grow. I was thinking all of those.” She paused for a while.

“But after this, my condition popped into mind. Umma, will I ever see him? All I wish now is to see my child, even just for a few seconds.” Her tears made their way to her cheeks.

“Oh, Gi-ah” Her mom was crying too. Hae Rin wiped her daughter’s tears and hers as well. “You will see him, Min Gi, you will.”

Not long after, the door opened and showed Kibum. He was still wearing his suit, telling that he came directly from his office. His face was worried and seeing it, Min Gi was glad somehow.

“What happened?” He asked in a concerned voice. Min Gi was happy, because it seemed true, it seemed real.

“Kibum dear –“ Her mom started but was interrupted by Min Gi.

“It’s nothing… to worry about.” She shook her head and smiled. What she said didn’t seem to satisfy Kibum. He moved closer to the hospital bed and asked, “Are you sure?” Min Gi nodded.

Kibum sighed but smiled eventually, this time, a genuine one. “That’s good then.”

If only Kibum would always be like this, then Min Gi’s remaining time would be happier than ever.



A/N: Okay. This is my very first try in writing a fic since I’ve been into my Kpop fandom, so please, please, please, go easy on me. This fic stars Key, though my ultimate bias is actually Onew. Haha. I’m actually a fic writer and I write Jpop fanfics (Mostly about Johnny’s Entertainment boys. Comments are highly appreciated! (re-posted from SFI and from my kpop journal nighttimefalls )