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30 September 2009 @ 05:36 am
{one-shot} Foremost Encounter (A Junjou Romantica Pre-story)  
Title: Foremost encounter (A Junjou Romantica Pre-story)
Author: gachapin18
Pairing: Usami Akihiko/Takahashi Misaki
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. What's written below is just a product of the author's imagination.
Note: Took place three years before the main story line. I just thought of posting this. This is actually the product of my "Usagi X Misaki" madness months ago, I just don't have the energy to post this one before X3. This is shoooooort.

The sun was starting to scatter its light in every corner of the vast city he was walking onto, having his shoulders brush into bunch of strangers, who were also walking fast to their respective businesses.

“Crap, I’m already late.” Misaki silently cursed himself for it was entirely his fault waking up late that early morning. He reminded herself to apologize later to his brother, Takahiro whom he unintentionally blamed for not waking him up.

In addition to the thought of him being late on his high school entrance ceremony, the fact that he’s been bumping into countless people as he walked hastily made him feel pretty much annoyed.

“Shit!” Again, was he really fated to bump into everybody? Plus, that one wasn’t just ‘bumped into someone’, it hurt. For a second, he caressed his shoulder and immediately heard a voice saying, “Sorry”. The person he ran into walked pass by him as the person uttered his abrupt apology. Misaki was left standing, astounded as to where he was.

Misaki looked behind him and all he saw were different faces and backs of people he doesn’t even know. The person he bumped to was nowhere in sight.

It was a guy, Misaki was certain. He wasn’t able to glance at his face. All he knew and heard was his voice. His voice, his voice was low and somewhat cold. But how come it felt warm at the same time? It was weird. Really, really weird.

It was a normal voice, just a voice. It’s weird but hearing that voice, I somehow, just somehow felt my heart skipped a beat or two.


A/N: First of all, I'm really really missing Junjou Romantica, Egoist and Terrorist! I crave for a third season. I need much more usagi x misaki, nowaki x hiroki and miyagi x shinobu ;___; and and and, Volume 12! Please do come out soon. I'm begging you, Nakamura Shungiku-san T_T

I mustneed to read BL manga(s) after the sadness I've felt after watching Code Geass. Hm. It doesn't seem to have a connection. Tee-hee.