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19 June 2009 @ 07:24 pm
{one-shot} Fourth of July  
Title: Fourth of July
Author: gachapin18
Pairing: Akanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya
Beta'd by: piperr0919
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not own the ones mentioned above.
Summary: Though Jin was thankful as he celebrates his birthday ever since he can remember, there were just certain years of his special day he considers extra special.
Note: Written in Jin’s POV. Almost a month early-birthday fic for Jin. This was stuck on my folder and I just thought of finishing it. Oh yes, this is also for my beta :)


On that fateful day, I was born under the newly built Akanishi family. My mother and father were very young, but it didn’t lessen the excitement that they felt the moment they heard my cry moments after my mother gave birth to me.

My mother could vaguely see the nurse who was carrying me in her arms carefully. The nurse approached my mom and placed me on the hospital bed just beside my mother. My dad then came forward and moved closer to us. Dad held my tiny hands and I squirmed a little. Mom laughed a bit despite being exhausted. I weighed almost nine pounds that time, quite heavy, right?

“What should we name him?” Dad asked mom.

“Jin. Let’s name his Jin.” Mom said in a weak voice. Dad smiled and said, looking closely at me, still holding my tiny hands, “Welcome to the world, Akanishi Jin.”


My second birthday. I recall a lot of kids coming to gather in our house for my birthday party. At the age of two, I could already speak well and write my name in kanji. I’m thankful that my parents gave me an easy name to speak and write. My name Jin is written with the ‘Benevolence’ character in Chinese, just like this - 仁 .

For some reason, I was all giddy and smiley that particular birthday of mine, aside from the fact that it was my birthday. Now, I finally knew why, for it was the year when you were born.


I was fourteen years old back then. After having a dinner party in a restaurant with my dad, mom and my ten year-old brother Reio, I sat on the couch in our living room and turned on the television. There was this show with a lot of boys in it. They seemed to be having fun, dancing and singing and everything.

I asked my mom, who was fixing something in the kitchen that time, “Mom, how do they get in there?” I pointed the television screen.

“Oh, those boys? They go through auditions. They’re from Johnny’s Agency.” She answered while wiping some plates.

“Johnny’s Agency? Audition?” I said and mom nodded. I looked back at the screen and continued watching. I had no idea about having auditions before you could do those things they were doing. I guess I was still a kid, after all. Months later, I found myself asking my parents to get me an application for I wanted to try joining Johnny’s.

On the 8 th of November, an audition was held in Shibuya. There were a lot of kids gathered there. All doing their best to look good while dancing, but there was this particular kid with fuzzy brows who didn’t look so pumped up in the audition. It was you. It seemed like you were just dragged to the audition, like you weren’t prepared. You were wearing an old style tracksuit, the one that’s trapped tightly just above the ankle, which was different from everyone including me, who was wearing a three-striped tracksuit which was very popular at that time.

After the non-stop dancing, the interview came next. An old man asked in front of about three hundred kids, “Anyone got any questions? If you have any, then please raise your hand.”

A lot of kids did, asking questions that they thought would give a good impression to them. I glanced at you. Your hands were placed on your knees and you looked like you didn’t have any intention to raise your hand to ask a question. The audition was over and you and I were accepted. Well, I actually did fail, but who cares, I still got in.

After being told by that strange old man to stay back, I immediately approached you, held out my hand and asked for your name. “Hi! My name’s Akanishi Jin, what’s yours?”

You looked hesitant at first but eventually reached out for my hand and said in a squeaky voice, “Kamenashi Kazuya” Your hand felt warm and it felt nice.

I never thought that four months after my fourteenth birthday, I would finally meet you.


That’s the third birthday that I spent with you. Plus, we’re in the same unit. KAT-TUN. I had no idea why Koichi-kun chose you as the K and me as the A of KAT-TUN. We have never met him before we were formed right? For the past years, we were called AkaKame. Takizawa-kun, one of our seniors, called us that. Were we that close? They said that nothing could pull us away from each other. It’s not that I minded though, and I know you think the same.

All the members were exhausted from practice and I could hardly think that that day was my seventeenth birthday in weariness. It felt like an ordinary day in the agency, doing rehearsals non-stop. But suddenly, you were there, smiling despite of the evident tiredness pasted on your face and greeting me happy birthday. Seeing you and hearing your words, I felt glad. It was my birthday after all


Certainly, you debuted in a unit with Pi last year for the drama you two were in. Yes, I was angry, I was frustrated and most of all, I somehow felt betrayed. I know you two weren’t at fault to be together in a unit, debuting. It was the management’s decision. Yet, I still felt betrayed. Pi was one of my best friends and somehow I couldn’t stand seeing him with you.

Finally, five long years after KAT-TUN had been formed, we finally debuted earlier that year. The joy of the six of us was indescribable. True, that even before we haven’t debuted yet, we held several concerts just like a group that has already debuted and even sold millions of copies of our concerts. But having your voices on your own CD was entirely different. KAT-TUN worked hard for that to come true. And finally last March, it did.

Celebrating my twenty-second birthday and us that have already debuted, I couldn’t ask for more. It felt like a very huge achievement. I was very happy, literally, with everything at that moment. KAT-TUN debuted, releasing singles and being with you.

You’re twenty and I’m twenty-two. We’re both adults already and we finally realized what we had for each other. We can’t say that we’re just friends. We were both certain that there’s more than that. Something deeper than friendship or maybe more than friendship. My family likes you and yours was the same to me. Our friends were no problem either.

Little did I know that not everyone was happy with the way we are, with what we had. Just how bad could it get? Of all people, our big boss, Johnny Kitagawa was very much against it.

He was against the entire AkaKame thing. It wasn’t something. It was us and it wasn’t acting. It was the real Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya. I never thought that being yourself would lead oneself to sadness.

He ordered us to distance ourselves from each other. But we couldn’t help it, on or off camera, we’re like that. Just like that. We went to Johnny-san’s office one morning for we decided to talk to him about us, hoping that he would understand us. But instead, he went hard against us all through the talk and even threatened us about our career.

“People see KAT-TUN as AkaKame and that isn’t good.” That’s what Johnny-san reasoned. He said that AkaKame was a very nice method of earning money and he said that we’re popular yet what Johnny-san wanted was an equal popularity. “Do you two understand the meaning of the word ‘group’?” Johnny-san added. If KAT-TUN was popular, each and every member should be given an equal spotlight.

I remember glancing at you that moment and I could see tears brimming on your eyes. I know how much you loved your career. And I couldn’t stand seeing you not doing what you love. You loved dancing, acting and even though our voice mentors said back then that you’re tone deaf, you eventually grew to love singing. I gently squeezed your hand and you smiled sadly at me. It was the last smile I got from you. It was a pity that, that smile was full of grief.


Last April, I finally got back from my six-month hiatus. October of the year before, the management sent me to Los Angeles making me study English, which has a deeper meaning to it. It was Johnny-san’s way of slowly breaking your relationship with me, and mine with you..

My stay in Los Angeles was fine. I gained friends and learning English was fun. But still, I preferred eating my mom’s cooking, I preferred drinking and hanging out with Pi and Ryo, I preferred making non-sense noises with Koki, I preferred jamming with Ueda, I preferred bullying Maru and Junno, I preferred singing and dancing with KAT-TUN and I mostly, preferred just being with you.

The night before my departure to Los Angeles, you phoned me, saying “Take care, Jin.” It was the last time I heard you say my first name. When I came back three months ago during our concert tour in Sendai, I was very much moved by the audience. When I uttered the simple words, “I’m back” and when they greeted back with, “Welcome home”, my tears were brimming from my eyes. Standing in line with the five of you again, facing thousands of people who were supporting us, waving their uchiwas heartily and some, even crying, maybe with joy seeing us six once again, it surely felt like home.

I celebrated my twenty-third birthday meeting people for my upcoming dorama. I haven’t seen anyone from KAT-TUN. I just received mails greeting me a happy birthday. Later in the evening, I went for a drink with my friends. It was already eleven o’clock in the evening but you haven’t greeted me yet. Well, I wasn’t really expecting. We weren’t the same as before. Everyone noticed that. We were awkward with each other, on or off camera.

My mobile phone beeped and I took it out from my pocket. I saw your name on the screen. I clicked the keypad leading me to your message.

“It’s a bit late, but who cares? It’s still the fourth of July right? Happy birthday Akanishi.” Was what your message said.

I smiled. I smiled faintly. I typed in a reply to your greeting, “Yea, thanks.”

For the first time in my life, I hated having my surname. Could you, at least call me Jin? I wanted to send that to you as well, but I didn’t.


I had my twenty-fourth birthday in between our concert tour based on our album. My relationship with you was a bit better compared last year. Somehow, we can talk to each other with ease, but still, not like before.

If only we could do a simple carefree talk just like before, my birthday couldn’t get much happier.


Everyone was busy looking in the mirror, making final touches on their look. Five minutes more and the concert would start. We’re having our summer tour this day, yes, on my twenty-fifth birthday. We agreed to drink up after tonight’s concert. It doesn’t really matter, your greetings were enough.

“Guys, get ready. Three more minutes.” said our manager. We all nodded in response. We stood up and formed a circle.

“Yosh! Let’s do it!” Koki said with a hyped-up aura, as usual. I’m thankful that we have someone like him who made us feel nice just before the concert begins.

“Oh!” We agreed in unison.

Koki, Ueda, Junno and Maru ran up the stage. I look at them with a smile and thought that I’ve been with them for eight years already. At first, we didn’t really feel like we’re a group. But we gradually felt it, with every laughter and with every fight. We gradually grew up together and without realizing it, we were drawn closer together.

Back then, I really thought of quitting the group. I couldn’t stand them, I just couldn’t. But thinking that you were there with me, I thought I could give it a try. But now’s different. A simple talk between the group, it really soothes my tangled up mind. Just a talk, it doesn’t have to make sense. Or maybe, just maybe, it was your presence that eased me.

I was drawn from my thoughts when I heard someone said, “Let’s go?”

I looked at my side where the voice came from. It was you..

“Come on –“ You grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the stage. “- Jin”

My eyes widened. Did I just hear you call me Jin? “W-what did you just say?”

“I said, ‘come on’”

“No not that! What did you say after that one?” I asked.

You were smiling. I couldn’t believe it, you were smiling like the way you smiled at me before. “Shut up, It’s starting” We were lined up before a huge curtain like thing. I could hear the screams of the audience.

You looked at me once more and said with a smile, “Happy birthday, Jin.”

I smiled back, “Thanks.”

We looked ahead, the curtain was finally up and we’re already facing the audience. Hearing you call my name, I have never been this happy before. I wish to celebrate my birthday with you guys for a lot more years.

I can feel it. We’re coming back. Things may not be like it was before, but like this was fine. For now, as long as we’re together, as long as we’re KAT-TUN, it’ll be fine, everything will be fine. And when the time comes, when there will be no group named KAT-TUN anymore, when we’re not idols anymore, then I hope, we’ll just be Jin and Kazuya once more.

That, is my birthday wish.

--- end ---

A/N: seventy five percent of this fic was stuck on my folder and the remaining twenty five was the one I wrote just last week(?). Geez, my mind’s not working properly. I mean, SRSLY. *facepalms* Instead of an akame fic, in the end, I think it was more like a KAT-TUN group fic.

Anyway, another reason why I couldn’t write much is because I’ve been watching too many dramas lately. :D I’ve been on my ‘Yamapi Drama Marathon’. :D And I must say, Code Blue wins. I never thought that it was that nice, well, at least for me. And the theme song just fits the drama. (HANABI by Mr.Children)

So yeah, instead of an author’s note this became like a normal journal entry of mine. :D Please do watch Code Blue! There, I even advertised it, lols.

And yesterday's my birthday, YAY! we had a blast in my house. I was dying from laughter, seriously. Glad I survived.

Back to the fic, please tell me what you think guys! ;D